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H E A L I N G  A R T


healing A R T

As a SoulMentor, Master Reiki Healer, Clairvoyant and Artist I use all aspects of myself to infuse healing in all I create - pure love energy 


Love is the essence in all that I do - im letting the creative force run through me - from my heart through my hands in co-creation with the universe and spirit


“Creative Healing Art” is a form of expression not bound by a spoken language - it is a spiritual creative ethereal love language


The S O U L

In many religious and philosophical traditions, the soul is the spiritual essence and the immateriel aspect of a living being. You don’t have a soul - YOU are a SOUL. You are a multidimensional organism, made up of your physical body - your essence (soul, self) and your psychological structure (mind, ego)


The SOUL is your true nature in its purest form - unconditional love - freedom - peace - trust and full of lifeforce energy 


for W H O

A signature SOUL illustration can be created for an individual person or animal, a couple, a family or a company


S O U L illustration

SOUL illustration is a spiritual journey which uses the illustration process to listen to the essence of the SOULS wish to bring you home and remember who you are - to show you the beautiful inner sparkling pure light you were born with - A new consciousness within you is born - Awakening of your SOUL potential


The illustration of the essence of your SOUL will offer you guidance and support on how you choose to define yourself in this lifetime and healing and love from within


I will tune into the SOUL through a heart to heart conversation with you, and in co-creation with the universe and spirit  - create an illustration of your SOUL - A unique piece of “Healing Signature Art”


Energy E X C H A N G E

Signature SOUL illustration, heart to heart conversation & healing DKK 3333,-


SOUL-seal “coat of arms” for families, heart to heart conversation, a house clearing & energetic placement DKK 8888,-


SOULl-conscious logo for companies, heart to heart conversation, an office clearing & energetic placement DKK 11111,-


Energy T O O L S

A grid placed in an office or home, both as a piece of art & energetic placement in the house/office

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