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Photo: Birgitta Wolfgang


Photo: Birgitta Wolfgang

A R T I S T - D E S I G N E R  
S O U L M E N T O R 
M A S T E R  R E I K I  H E A L E R

The world is more connected than ever before, yet many people feel more distanced and unaligned than they desire. My mission is to help bridge this gap by helping people Balance All Senses


Through out my life and my career as an independent business owner, I have learned that what I do best is to lead and empower people to initiate their own happiness, peace and self-awareness. My approach is to use my specially genetically coded talents which are: My undying love for helping people evolve. My intuition - I am empathetically talented on all levels: physical, spiritual and emotional; My Empathy: possibly the most under-estimated psychic gift, my ability to strongly sense and experience the emotions, physical pain and feelings around me as if they were my own


Caring and creating have always been central aspects of my life. I attribute my success as a designer and leader in the fashion industry to my uncompromised holistic approach to marrying aesthetics, integrity, quality and sustainability with designs that help the wearer feel connected in body and mind  

My latest brand EMBRACEBY is a manifestation of my mission to Balance All Senses through designs that heal


Caring and creating is a central aspect of my life, always thinking about all living creatures and the environment

I love the nature and it is my biggest inspiration

The natural flow of the seasons, the wildness, the smells, the sounds, the silence, it makes me feel whole and alive

Sharing my gifts and helping bringing balance and peace - is my biggest pleasure

Much Love and Light

M Y  S T O R Y

My most vivid childhood memories all revolve around being immersed in the forest. The trees, flowers, animals and magical creatures I came across in the woods were my friends. This universe filled with wonder made me feel at home

My grandmother taught me the names of the trees, flowers and birds. She taught me how to distinguish their music. The song of the lark and the playful melody of a blackbird remind me of a dreamy summer day. The sad call of a cuckoo bird shares that the beautiful blue hour of nightfall is near 

Connecting with nature gave me strength. Embracing a tree, or sitting at its feet, reaching deep down into the center of the universe through its roots, still to this day energizes and strengthens me. The beautiful whitish-grey bark and delicate crown of fluorescent green leaves of the willow tree. The wisdom and strength in a gnarled and twisted body of an old oak tree. And the tall slender beech tree that keeps a watchful eye, while the evergreens disguise the lives of fairies, trolls and pixies

This is where I gained my ability to - Balance All Senses

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