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  • R E I K I healing - session
    During your Reiki session, the healer draws universal life energy to the areas in your body and mind where imbalance exists to help release and restore your energy flow The treatment will leave you feeling de-stressed and relaxed and helps you by: - Aligning your body and soul - Detoxifying your inner organs - Boosting your immune system - Removing mental and physical blockages - Strengthening your body’s natural healing abilities - Connecting your physical and emotional body Every treatment is uniquely delivered to match your individual needs, and is an effective, soothing and holistic therapy that works for all living beings
  • R E I K I healing - distance
    Distance healing has the same benefits and effects as an in-person Reiki healing When you book your distance healing session, we agree on a time that works for you to receive your treatment and I will ‘send’ you the ‘energy bundle” at the time of your healing session Distance healing is ideal for people who need an energy boost in their lives. It is especially effective if you need a little extra oomph to ace a job interview, nail a presentation or exam
  • R E I K I healing - house clearing and blessing
    Are you experiencing tension and imbalance in your home, but can’t explain why? Do your kids or pets seem anxious or unsettled? Are you having trouble selling your home, or feeling peace in your new home? Those are all signs of stagnant or “negative” energy that need to be released through a home cleanse During your home cleanse, I will work with the energies and help any trapped souls to transition to the other side to create calmness and peace A home cleanse session includes my recommendations for crystal placement and furniture re-arrangement for improved energy flow Balance All Senses at home
  • E N E R G Y exchange
    My goal is to make “Balancing All Senses” accessible for all Contact me for a treatment plan and pricing uniquely designed for your needs and budget Phone +45 23928808 Mail
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