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S I G N A T U R E  H E A L I N G

one to one art session

As a SoulMentor, Master Reiki Healer, Clairvoyant and Artist I use all aspects of myself to infuse healing in all I create and do - pure love energy 


Love is the essence in all that I do - im letting the creative force run through me - from my heart through my hands in co-creation with the universe and spirit


We are all a conclusion - of everything we have experienced so far - both positive and negative experiences - that may have set in as blockages both physically - mentally and spiritually


Everything I know - everything I have experienced - everything I have seen - everything I have learned through life - both through the educations I have taken and countless sessions with clients - comes out through the tip of my pencil as liquid healing that dissolves trauma - blockages - stress - anxiety and grief that have accumulated through both this and previous incarnations - a form of healing that gives access to your highest inner and soulful universe


“Creative Healing ART” is a form of expression not bound by a spoken language - it is a spiritual creative ethereal love language



I create two pieces of ART for this session


A “healing PORTAL” with your SOUL and KARMA numbers - A healing piece of signature ART for you to keep (created before you arrive)


A redemptive drawing during the session - including a healing ritual-ceremony to release negative energy and blockages 


energy  E X C H A N G E

55 min session with: heart to heart conversation and illustration and a Signature piece of ART to bring home DKK 2222,-

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